Her Letter to Us

“Dear Mary Anne and Stuart,

As your mother, I wanted to leave you this message. I love both of you and have always loved you. I have tried to show you this love by words and actions, but I’m afraid many times I’ve fallen short. I’ve tried to give you my time, fun and laughter. I’ve tried to give you a safe and protective home (sometimes overly so, I’m afraid.) I’ve tried to give you the best of my ability to love and a lot of the good things Dad and I were able to provide… things we didn’t have growing up.

I have intentionally never hurt you or caused you pain. I want you both to know that if you have been hurt or if I disappointed you or let you down, knowingly or unknowingly, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my shortcomings and the mistakes I made that caused you any pain. For this, I ask your forgiveness.

Thank you both and God for the many pleasures we all shared. I’ve loved you both unconditionally since you were placed in my arms.

Love always, Mom”